About Us


Sunhut Enterprise is a social enterprise registered under Ghana company registration act 1962(act 151) and with Ghana Energy commission. Sunhut Enterprise has its focus on providing management services tailored towards rural communities. We serve as a link between suppliers and consumers of technology with an aim to develop and implement simple, practical and sustainable solutions relevant to the remote community setting. We work in partnership with suppliers of technologies to tackle problems faced by remote communities in an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable manner. We develop blue prints for the adoption and management of these technologies in remote areas taking into consideration their unique demography and economic profile.

Our emphasis is on technologies for commercial agriculture, manufacturing, renewable energy generation, bio-technologies, settlement planning, housing, transportation and other innovative technologies, with the ultimate goal of making the remote living experience worth its necessity to a sustainable world.


To provide technology and management services to remote communities with an aim of improving the quality of life in these areas.



To become a globally recognized brand and leader in the advancement of the relationship that exist between humanity and nature.



It is admissible that contemporary literature is replete with various definitions of what qualifies as social entrepreneurship. We classify our activities as such because of the following key characteristics of our operations:

1. We aim to shift paradigms favorably towards goods and services we offer. Our specialty is at being at frontiers never visited by any other endeavor and often where there exist no such product or service or a system to sustain the reliable provision of both. In other words we are most often the first market entrant.

2. We seek to prepare our target community to be able to participate fully in a free market system to sustain the product or service. This goal mandates us to identify and pursue social goals aimed ultimately at enhancing the understanding of the product or service and  prosperity of the community. With the aid of periodic surveys, these social gains will be identified and aspects of our operations contributing to these gains tweaked to maximise its effect.

3. Our primary goal is always to achieve this paradigm shift and therefore our pricing policy is aimed at achieving this followed by implementation of policies to ensure its economic sustainability.



1. A satisfied customer, employee, stakeholders and community in which we operate.

2. Team work, recognition of talent, grooming  and retention of expertise.

3. Simplicity of solutions.



Employment of innovative strategies aimed at establishing a good consumer-product experience and a strong after-sales service, delivering consumer feedback to suppliers to inform the continuous development of suitable products, helping to build trust and effective demand for our suppliers as well as ensure our customers are satisfied.